John Grímsey

Freelance Angular and full stack JavaScript developer in London.


I've got four years full-time top ten agency experience and almost fifteen years of contracting under my belt. I've worked for agencies, start-ups and corporates.

I love to work in technical roles that allow for input on UX. I consider myself a both-sides-of-the-brain developer with an eye for design aesthetic and usability (without compromising on my coding).

I can be relied upon to be a professional client-facing techie. I am a highly organised developer with people skills. I am passionate about helping team members and stakeholders to understand technical considerations. I enjoy solving deep problems and bringing order to chaos.

I'm a details person. I strive to write the highest quality code behind the highest quality product.

Senior Experience

I have plenty of experience in taking a project through from brief to deployment.

Gathering requirements, wire-framing, planning for code that has to last and will scale. Developing myself and coordinating small teams of developers to deliver, both frontend and backend.

I consider myself to be a highly effective communicator with other developers, product owners and development managers.

I value the opportunity to guide junior developers. Supportive code reviews can strengthen their problem-solving and coding skills.

Very much at home in an Agile environment. I've helped to refine Agile processes in some of the places I've worked.

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